Here at Last Days Prayer Warriors we are dedicated to providing you with the most up to date Global news as it pertains to the Last Days. We update our content every day with the newest articles. Our mission is that of a ‘Watchman on the Wall’ and prayer for those in need of spiritual breakthroughs in their lives.
We are a group of Christians, who hold the core beliefs that:
1.) Jesus Christ is God come to earth born as a man to the virgin Mary thru Immaculate Conception.
2.) Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sins.
3.) Jesus arose alive after three days in the tomb.
4.) Through our belief and acceptance in His redemptive death on the cross, that we may be born again.
5.) Jesus is the only way to eternal salvation and to enter in to heaven.
6.) That we are healed by the stripes that Jesus bore on our behalf.
7.) We believe the Bible to be the true living word of God.

What we do:
Invite people to give us their prayer request.
Petition the Father on their request by praying the warriors prayer and battling the enemy on their behalf weather the need be for healing, physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually. Pray for salvation.
Testify about how God is answering prayers and what miracles occur, without divulging personal information unless authorized by the individual needing prayer.
Post messages i.e. scripture or words from God as He directs.
Pray for our nation.
Pray for each prayer warriors ministries.
Join with them in their Spiritual battles as members of Gods army.
We will start photo pages sharing photos sent to us by people requesting we share photos about what God has done in their lives.
Share todays news as it pertains to last days prophecies, and show with Biblical prophecies how it is either prophecy fulfilled or in the process of fulfillment.
Recruit Prayer Warriors into Gods Army of Warriors.

We believe that an individuals physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are a private matter between themselves and God, with that belief in mind we solemnly vow to hold their prayer requests and results of those prayers in strictest confidence unless and until that individual request that we publically post on Last Days Prayer Warriors their prayer request and the results of our Prayer Warriors going before the Lord on their behalf, i.e. answers to their prayers, or miracles that God performs in their lives. In the event that an idividual request discretion be used in their prayer request than we ask that they e-mail each request to: info@lastdaysprayerwarriors.
Sincerly, Philip Harrison, Ordained Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.