As a nation we have turned from God, because of this we have suffered great tribulations in America. You might ask, how have we turned from God? The answer is easy; we have removed prayer and Him from our schools, we have removed the Ten Commandments from many of our institutions, we are no longer allowed to pray at public gatherings, as a corporate prayer, we cannot display the nativity of the Birth of Jesus at Christmas without getting sued, it is becoming illegal to witness and introduce people to Jesus in public and even in many states in our own homes, millions of babies are killed through abortion, our nation’s leader has endorsed same sex marriage and gay rights, it is no longer acceptable to have the words “In God We Trust” in public view, and let’s not forget turning our back on Israel and assisting there enemies in getting Israel to give up land for peace, we are now persecuted as Jesus said we would be.

We have witnessed Gods warnings to us for several years that because of our sin and our turning from Him, we are in danger of His judgment. How have we witnessed these warnings, and what were they? Increase in massive fires throughout America, increase in earthquakes in places we have never seen them, stronger storms i.e. tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, floods, intense droughts, record heat, and cold, famine, these are all warning signs of impending judgment. Why do I say that? Look at when these things have occurred, immediately following either another land for peace deal in Israel or another act of turning away from God and Biblical scripture, such as endorsing gay rights. Most pastors in America do not even teach the truth of scripture preferring to continue to lead their flock astray and not offend anyone, so that their numbers and finances stay up. The truth is these Pastors were never called of God to that office.

So even if all of these things are true, why would we as true Christians be in danger of His judgment, after all we didn’t do those things, those who are not saved did those things? The answer is: No we didn’t do these things, we have steadfastly tried our best to follow the word of God and Jesus but we are just as guilty because as followers of Christ we did nothing to stop these things from happening, we did not put on our armor and go forth in the name of the Lord and raise a banner against this attack on God and His Kingdom that we serve, so we are just as guilty as everyone else. If we do not wake up and rise up, if we do not take up our cross and don our armor of God as Christians then we will fall under His judgment!!! We are in the days that Jesus told us would be coming, the days of persecution and trouble. The days of the birth pangs and time of trouble. Those days are nearly over, tribulation is soon coming. What about the rapture?
I ask you this: Let’s say the rapture comes soon, do we want to stand before the Lord and tell Him that we have no excuse for not standing up for Him? If we do stand and we do repent how many more might be saved? It’s time to wakeup Christians, not just in America but throughout the world, did you know that in other parts of the world thousands of Christians have been standing up and they have been killed for their belief. We are supposed to be the strongest Nation of Christians on Earth, yet many in the rest of the World are looking over their shoulders and asking: Where are you America, why have you not joined the fight? I believe God is in heaven shaking His head as He looks down upon us and saying: Stand up before it’s to late!!!

Yes judgment is coming to America and it is coming soon. There is something we as Christians can do about it!!!!



1.) Repentant before the Lord, The cleansing of the soul begins.
2.) Ask for forgiveness, and it will be given.
3.) Restoration, with the Lord will follow.
4.) The door to revival is opened.

If we want to be reconciled to the Lord, and we are in a backslidden state, i.e. we have turned away from God and our salvation, returning to sin, we must first recognize and admit that we have turned away from God and desire to be reconciled. Then we must fall on our face before Him and repent through confession of our sins and ask for His forgiveness. Warning: if we are not truly ready to repent and die to self and serve Him only, He will know and our confessions will fall on deaf ears. But if we are sincere then He will forgive us and our lives will change, we will be restored to Him. Only after restoration comes then will revival follow.

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