Before I give this word I must first give a little history. A history of my walk with God. In 1997 God called me to a ministry, with confirmation out of the mouths of two witnesses’, a ministry of deliverance and healing, a ministry of spiritual warfare. Sometime around July of 2007 I quit serving, I did not quit being a Christian I just quit serving. In the summer of 2008 I was diagnosed with Cataracts in both eyes, I was told that I had a minimum of two years before something would need to be done. At the time I had a job driving an escort truck for a company that moved oil field drilling rigs. In February of 2009 we moved the company to West Virginia and began moving rigs in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. One evening in June 2009 we had just finished up a 150 mile move from one mountain to another. It was too late to bring the crane to the yard so we parked it in a secure lot. The truck driver pulling the crane rode back to the motel with me, 50 miles away. On the way we had to go down Mount Washington, as we started off the top of the mountain I suddenly, without warning went blind. When the pickup stopped we were on the gravel shoulder on the wrong side of the road, we had stopped with the front edge of our tires hanging onto the edge of the cliff. It had been less than a year since I was told I had Cataracts. The truck driver with me drove us down the mountain and to the motel. The next day I came home and within a week I was in the hospital having surgery. I had been declared legally blind in both eyes and surgery was the only way I was going to see again. The surgical procedure took almost a month with healing times and waiting between surgery on one eye before the other could be done. After it was all completed I had 20/15 vision praise be to God. In the period between the two surgeries I received a word from God. Here is that word:
6 -14 2009

You ran from me as Jonah did at Nineveh.
You ran from your own demons of doubt and fear as Elijah ran from that harlot Jezebel.
Many have asked you why you have left. You could not answer them because even you did not understand.
You have ran and been stubborn and ran and been fearful.
I allowed your blindness so that you might see as I did Paul on the way to Damascus.
Then on a high mountain you would have fallen off had I not stopped the vehicle you were in.
As soon as one eye was opened did I not begin to reveal to you things that you knew not of?
Wait my son until both eyes have been opened, and then you will see all things clearly.
Yes my son you have been blind but soon you will see. This was the word that the Lord gave me that day.
On my birthday, July 2nd 2009 I was ready to go back to work, as I was loading my truck my phone rang, it was my daughter. She wanted me to stop on the way out of town and get the birthday present she had gotten for me. When I got to her house she handed me my gift and I opened it, it was a beautiful silver ring with onyx on both sides of a 2 caret ruby. I told her it was too much and she should take it back. She said no daddy it wasn’t, she said I think God wanted you to have this ring because it is not what I went to get but I was drawn to it and the price was less than what I intended to spend and definitely less than what it is worth. So I thanked her, put the ring on and visited a little while before leaving to go back to work. Two days later on the fourth of July, I was in my motel and suddenly God spoke to me and He said: How do you like your ring my son? I said I love it Father and before I could say more He said: Do you know the meaning of this ring? I said; it is my birth stone. He said it is much more than that,


This is why I gave you this ring. I was totally blown away; I didn’t know what to say.

Now remember the word I got about opening my eyes so I could see the things He had for me. It was later in the year, close to Christmas that I had a dream. In this dream I was driving on Interstate 30 east bound towards Texarkana when suddenly I looked in the back seat and realized I hadn’t brought my clothes with me. I decided I needed to turn around and go back and get my things. I got off at a place called Mt. Vernon Texas, pulled into a gas station and got a soda (coke) when I got back in the truck instead of turning left to go back to the Interstate I turned right and soon came to a cross road, State Highway 11 I turned left here and then saw nothing but total darkness as if I was asleep but not dreaming. Then, still dreaming, I was in my bed at home only I was on the wrong side of the bed. My wife was on my side and I was on her side, I got up and walked out on the front porch and there was a bicycle on the porch and I thought that is strange, we don’t own a bicycle. Then I heard God say: The cost will be high and it will be hard. That is when I woke up, thinking about how strange that dream had been.

On The second day of January 2010 God called me to a fast, a 40 day fast. The fast was over on February 11th 2010, I had eaten nothing except the meat of the word for 40 days. The next day my wife kissed me goodbye, said she loved me and left for work. Thirty minutes later I get a text from her saying she was not coming back and not to look for her, GOODBYE and have a good life. I was in shock; I truly did not know why this had happened. I got in my truck and started driving, no particular place to go just drive. About three hours later I was on Interstate 30 Eastbound toward Texarkana when I realized I didn’t have my clothes with me. I decided I needed to go back and get them so I got off at Mt Vernon Texas and stopped to get a drink, but instead of getting back on the interstate I turned right and soon came to a stop sign. The highway sign said State Highway 11. It was when I saw that sign that I realized I was literally living the dream I had dreamed 3 months before, and I remembered that in my dream it was at this point that everything went black until I got back home. I pulled over on the side and beginning trying to figure out what to do next, that’s when I remembered that I had a friend that had moved from the Texas coast up to East Texas. I called him and told him what had happened and he said: well we live out in the country on all this land with two houses. We can’t live in both of them so come on out. He then told me where he lived; I hung up the phone and turned left on Highway 11, just like in my dream. What followed was 52 days of pure agonizing grief. This was like a grief that I had never experienced before. During this time my friend and I took his trailer and went back to my house to get my stuff, while we were there he asked me about the tree in the front yard. I told him we had planted it two years before and it was a pecan tree, but the freezing cold this past winter had killed it. Right then God spoke to me and said: When you come home it will bloom again.

We went back to East Texas and I continued grieving, during that time I would pray and fight spiritual warfare, because I was convinced that somehow satan had destroyed my marriage. On April 1st my wife called me and said I should probably come home so we could file our taxes so the next day I got there around noon and she was already at work. We had a 2 ½ acre yard and the grass was about 3 feet tall, so I got the lawn mower and started mowing, I worked the next two days cleaning up the place and sleeping in our daughters room at night. Saturday night my wife asked me if I wanted to come back to our room and of course I did. She said I would have to sleep on her side of the bed since she was now sleeping on my side and had gotten used to that. The next morning was Easter, we held hands and walked out to the Pecan Tree, sure enough it was blooming big beautiful blooms. During that week our daughter came home from college, and she brought a bicycle with her, and yes she put it on the front porch. Now my dream had completely come to pass. But I am now finding out that was not the end of the story.

God has been speaking to me this week, over 3 years since I had my dream and lived out my dream. He is calling me to another 40 day fast. He asked me if I remembered my dream and what happened after my last 40 day fast and I said yes then He said: I caused your dream to show you what was to come, you fasted 40 days to prepare for the grief. The grief you felt was the grief I feel over this nation that has turned away from me. Since you returned home and the tree began to bloom you have lost nearly everything you owned, this too is part of what is going to happen to the backslidden in America, those that have turned from Me and will not repent. Darkness is coming and the price will be high. In the midst of this coming judgment I will raise up my last days army to minister to the lost and the backslidden. Though you lost almost everything, at every loss you have turned to Me and raised your hands to heaven and praised Me and declared your love for Me. We will see what the lost and backslidden will do as I bring forth judgment. Once again I am calling you to a 40 day fast, on the previous 2 forty day fast I did not tell you how to pray, just to pray and stay in My word. On this fast I want you to pray for the people and for the nation as Daniel did. We will see what the people do. If they turn back to me I will remove the evil from their land and I will heal the land. If they do not I will have you speak the word of Judgment on America that I gave you on the second day of the last month of 2009. 52 days you were gone from your home before the Pecan Tree bloomed, during that time you felt my grief. On the 25th day of the sixth month of 2013 your fast will begin on the 3rd day of the 8th month 52 days from the giving of this word you will end your fast, it is the last warning for a rebellious people in a rebellious nation, thus saith the Lord!!!!

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