Battle briefing:
This is a true account of the facts. It is a dispatch that must be presented as the time has come, most who answer the
call and enter into the realm of the Prayer Warrior, will realize the absolute truth of the world that they enter, upon taking up the sword in this battle. This is not like any other war that you have heard about or been in. This army, Gods Army is the most powerful army in the world. The weapons that are used to fight the enemy in this battle are real. More than that they are the most powerful weapons in the entire universe, as you will learn, the battles are at once physical and spiritual. We have long heard of a coming battle, a last battle. Because of the significance of this battle in all of our lives, many of us have long been excited about its approaching nearness. As time went on we could actually sense the battle in the air around us, we were soon to find out there was a reason for that. This caused us great damage and losing the war; we failed to understand that while we spoke of the day the great battle would come, a day somewhere in the near future. While we discussed
battle plans and strategies, we failed to observe a basic rule in warfare:

Before you can successfully take a battlefield you must first know two things, first you must know where the battlefield is, and second you must know the enemy that you face. We did not see that the battlefield was the church and the enemy was
using weapons that caused us to attack each other without suspecting that they were manipulating us and laughing the whole time. We paid a heavy toll in casualties before we knew the truth, before we picked up our weapons and put them on the run. While we waited and planned, the battle had begun. The truth is that it had begun hundreds of years before we were even born. In conventional warfare you first train to fight and then you go to the battlefield, the theatre of war. Once on the battlefield you face your enemy and you fight until one side or the other has the victory. But in this war it is different, in this war we had to learn how to receive our training, and then on the battlefield we had to learn how to recognize the enemy that we faced. We have learned one thing: how to recognize the battlefield; it is everywhere. On a traditional battlefield, unless he is a sniper in a tree or a building, you can see your enemy. On this battlefield you can search as hard as you want and never see your enemy, all the while him standing nose to nose with you, looking right into your eyes, deep into your soul. This war is real, it is a war between good and evil, it is a war fought against demons and dragons; it is a war that will pave the way for the return of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If you decide to enlist in His army you will learn how to battle in real life, you will become a warrior in the Lords army, the most powerful army that has ever been or ever will be. He is calling all warriors, He is calling you, do you hear the call, will you answer, will you become a Warrior of Heaven here on earth? If so your training is now ready to begin. We have the enemy on the run, but we need your help, their reinforcements are coming, they number in the hundreds of thousands. Come; join us in the greatest battle that will ever be fought, The Battle for Heaven and Earth. The battle for men’s souls.

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