Minister Philip Harrison Testimony

Rev 12:11: And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
My Testimony

Minister Philip Harrison

In the summer of 1996 I was working on a shrimp boat. We worked the bays on the Texas Gulf coast. At the time my life was a shambles. Financially I was ruined, living on welfare, for in the year I worked on the boat, I made at best forty dollars a day, most days it was less than ten dollars. However the boat owner could always manage to buy beer and I could always manage to help drink it. My marriage was near divorce, closer than I even knew. To sum it up: I was living for the devil.
In the fall of 1996, shrimping, for us was very bad, some days we caught nothing. It was around this time that I remembered the story in the Bible about the fish in the net. That’s when it (the change in my life) began. You see, we would leave the dock every morning at 3:30. That meant I had about an hour and a half before we could begin shrimping. I would slip off to the back of the boat in secret, and pray for a good days catch. We never did have a good catch, but I didn’t stop praying. Soon I found myself praying for lost souls, of which I was one, my heart was broken.
Just prior to this, my mother, who lived in north Texas had a stroke and was hospitalized. I, having no money, and no car, had no way to get to her. My wife meanwhile had recently begun working for a woman who introduced her to what became our church. My wife and daughter went to church, I did not. Coincidentally she and her husband were leaving on a buying trip for her business, which would take them to Dallas, right where I needed to go. My wife made arrangements for me to hitch a ride with them. The whole trip to Dallas they preached Jesus to me.
I arrived at the hospital in Dallas, and the next day my mother went to be with Jesus. After the funeral, my two cousins offered to
give me a ride back home, some four hundred miles. They both were Christians; the oldest is a preacher. They sat me in the middle and preached Jesus to me all the way to my house. It was after this that I began to pray on the back of the boat. My wife’s friends and my two cousins had broken the fallow ground of my hardened heart. But I still would not go to church, though I was invited every week.
I took a job at the apartment complex we lived at, mowing the complex twice a month, but I didn’t have a lawn mower. The man who had given me a ride to Dallas offered to let me use his, the only catch was I had to go to church with them one time. I agreed, but in the back of my mind my plan was to go, and prove this church for the pagan temple I believed it to be, then I would have an excuse to pull my daughter out of that church. So I mowed the lawn and thought over my plan, I was going to show them. What I didn’t know was, many people had been praying for my salvation, people that I hadn’t even met.
I’ll never forget that Sunday morning, I didn’t get saved that day, but it was the first time God actually spoke to me. When I walked in the door, still eager to prove my belief of it being a heathen church, he spoke: “It’s about time you came back to my house.” That’s all he said, but it was enough, for two and a half years I never missed a Sunday, and not manyWednesdays. That was in October of 1996, November 10th 1996 I received my salvation, on the same day as my daughter, who was seven at the time. I would have received salvation on my very first visit, except I thought I was already saved. Not long after this I and my wife and our daughter were baptized as a family. What a glorious night that was.
Then I began a study on the subject of deliverance. One day after months of study, I found myself alone in the house, and I looked up and said: God I believe you are calling me to a ministry of deliverance. If you are then I accept. But I would not that this be my will, but your will. I am going on a fast for three days; at the end of that time if this is your will I ask that you confirm it. Seventy-two hours later, I was in church on a Sunday night. It was during praise and worship that someone stood up and began to speak in tongues. After she had done her speaking another person began interpreting in English. The word of the Lord was this: “I indeed have called you to the ministry of deliverance and healing.” There was more but I am ashamed to admit, I don’t remember what it was. Then he spoke to me and he said “You need no man teach you but me. Stay in My word, do not seek after people to minister to, I will send them to you.” I had not told anyone about my belief that he was calling me, or my asking for his confirmation, not even my wife.
Several Sundays later my ministry was sanctified in our church, by the pastor in the presence of some of the elders of the church. Then my ministry began. Throughout my ministry I personally witnessed demons being cast out of people as well as miracles of healing, all done by the hand of God, all the glory be to Him.
It was during this time that a man spoke a word over me, I had asked for prayer for a specific issue, but as he began to pray he was overcome by the Holy Spirit and he began to speak a word over me, which was this: “I have hidden a word in your jaw that when it is revealed, will shake up nations, this is the word of the Lord.” I had no idea what it meant.
About a year later I began to fall away. I quit going to church and I could not find the Lord anywhere. About a year later, we had lost nearly everything and I moved north, leaving my family behind. Within three months I had fallen completely, to the point of contemplating suicide, you see with out Jesus, and with out my family, I didn’t care to go on any more.
But the Lord reached out to me again, through it all I had never quit looking for him. I moved to a place that has the same name as a book in the Bible. I started going to a local church, at this church on Saturday nights, we were invited to come and pray for the church and the next morning’s services. During this time of prayer I was praying for myself and my family as well as the Sunday service, while I was praying I felt moved to pray what I call the prayer for the brethren. It is found in the book of Colossians chapter 1 verse’s 9-18. I have always found this to be a very effective prayer for the body of Christ, or put another way, the church members. It was after I had finished praying that the Lord reached out to me, he used our church pastor. As I said I had finished my prayer, it was then that my pastor began speaking:
“—-For it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell; and having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven. And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled. In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight: If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel, which ye have heard, and which was preached to every creature which is under heaven.” These verse’s are found in Colossians chapter 1 verses 19 through 23, through these words I knew in my heart that I had not lost my salvation, and though I had moved away from God, He had not moved away from me. Praise be to God!
Soon after, I was reunited with my family; our separation had lasted six months. I had been reconciled with God; I had my family a place to live and a good job. Through him all things are possible.

10th 1996 – Jesus saved me
That began a period when I could not get enough of the Word of God. God called me to a ministry in 1997 on a Thursday night. I began a three day fast (my first fast of many). 3 days after I was called (at the end of the fast) He confirmed my calling in church. He had called me to the ministry of deliverance and healing. From that day to this I began to see many miracles of God.
People were delivered of various demonic influences in their lives; people received healing from various illnesses and injuries such as cancer, Lupus, ALS, chronic daily pain, deafness, broken bones healed before the eyes of witness’s, terminally ill babies that the doctors had given up on, recovered and went home, stroke patients, heart bypass patients conditions miraculously disappeared before scheduled surgery, dead boy returned
to life through laying on of hands and prayer, migraine headaches that never come back.
I have witnessed miracles of nature, I have spoken with devils who knew who I was before they ever saw me. Jesus knocked on my door one night 3 times before I realized it was Him, the third time I invited Him in and He spoke with me at my table for 3 hours answering questions about things I had been praying about.
He has chastised me when I became to prideful. He elevated me to a position of spiritual warfare over cities and nations in 1998.
During this time He led me to a place used for Satanic worship and sacrifice and had me tear down the satanic alter.
I have been called to many fast’s, 3 day, 7 day, 21 day and two 40 day fast. During or at the end of each fast the Lord moved in a powerful way, except the first 40 day fast. After this fast, with no powerful move or revelation I asked Him why He had me on this fast. He said: “I wanted you to know that with my help you could do it, I will call you to another 40 day fast in the last days.” That was
years ago, He has now called me to another 40 day fast. I have had visions and dreams; some about what was coming and some about my relationship with Him and my ministry.
One night He called me to anoint the waters of the world and pray against Leviathan (Satan) on this night there was myself and one other and
there was a terrible thunderstorm with much lightening and rain. The brother with me was concerned about the muddy road leading to the Inter Coastal Waterway and the lightening, and the rain, we were to begin praying at midnight, I told him: “Do not fear, the road will be fine, the lightening will provide light to see and the rain will stop at exactly midnight because The Lord has called us to do this thing.” When we turned off of the main road
lightening lit the sky and the road and remained that way until we arrived at the waters edge a mile from the main highway. When we arrived it was about 5 minutes to midnight and still pouring down rain. He said: What will we do its still raining too hard. I told him at midnight we will step outside and the rain will stop. At exactly midnight we stepped outside and the rain stopped as soon as we opened the doors, the lightening remained and
though we stood in the water in the Gulf of Mexico for about 2 hours praying the rain did not come back until we got back in the car. All the while the
lightening was everywhere around us. Upon arriving back home I received a phone call from a sister in church and she was frantic with fear. I asked her what was wrong and she said “I was worried about you because I just had a dream that you were standing in the Gulf with your arms raised and lightening everywhere around you.” I told her not to be afraid; it was The Lord showing her where I was so she could pray along with me. She had no previous knowledge of what The Lord had called me to do.
Also in 1998 The Lord spoke to me and asked me was I aware of all of the church bombings and shootings and the school
shootings that were happening in various places. I told Him I was aware and asked what could be done about it. He said first you need to know what is really happening. He instructed me to put a map on the wall and place a pin at every location where these things happened. I did so and to my amazement it formed a circle with twelve points, like the face of a clock, with one in the center. He then told me to measure the distance between each pin clockwise and add up the number, and then measure across from one point to the one directly across going through
the center pin each time. When I had done this I found that the circle was 1998 miles in circumference, exactly the same number as the year. Then I found that the miles across added up to the same each time 666 miles always going through the center which was 333 miles from any point marked on the map. The center was Future City Kentucky. He then told me that this was a pattern being repeated in many places in the world. He then told me to pray against these circles and the evil they were being used for.
In 2002 I began a study on the book of Revelation. Three days later I set down my pen and looked at what I had written. It was not notes but a book inspired by the Lord and when read I finally understood the book of Revelation. Much of what was written has since come to pass.
Along the way there have been many more things that I have witnessed and been called to do. Now The Lord has called me to
speak a word to the nation of America and pray spiritual warfare over our nation’s capital. The Bible says “Faithful is He who calls you who also will do it for you.” It has been my experience that He never calls you to do anything without equipping you and revealing to you exactly what it is you need to do. This battle is no exception to that rule. He has already revealed the strongman over our capital as well as four powerful spirits aiding this strongman. I have been used of the Lord in many battles; I have revelation knowledge about things that are soon to happen. The
battle ahead will be the hardest battle He has ever used me in. I believe this is what He has been preparing me for all this time. Once I was being prayed for and instead of the prayer that I requested, I was told: “I have hidden a word in your jawbone and when it is spoken it will shake up nations and kingdoms, kings and rulers.”

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