From the time of his election, in the second month of the second year of the Presidency of Barak Hussein Obama (December 2009) in the Nation of America, God caused me to dream a strange dream. A dream of travel and separation and darkness, in the dream I heard the Lord say: “The cost will be high and it will be hard.” In the first month on the second day of 2010 the Lord called me to a forty day fast.

The day following the fast, February 12th I began to live the dream that I had dreamed the previous year, everything exactly as my dream had been with the exception of the darkness which was replaced by deep grief, it took 52 days to live out the dream, every day filled with the deepest grief I have ever known. Three and one half years later on the 7th day of the 6th month of 2013 the Lord began to speak, He asked me if I remembered my dream and what happened after my last 40 day fast and I said yes then He said: I caused your dream to show you what was to come, you fasted 40 days to prepare for the grief. The grief you felt was the grief I feel over this nation that has turned away from me. Since you returned home and the tree began to bloom you have lost nearly everything you owned, this too is part of what is going to happen to the backslidden in America, those that have turned from Me and will not repent. Darkness is coming and the price will be high. In the midst of this coming judgment I will raise up my last days army to minister to the lost and the backslidden. Though you lost almost everything, at every loss you have turned to Me and raised your hands to heaven and praised Me and declared your love for Me.

We will see what the lost and backslidden will do as I bring forth judgment. Once again I am calling you to a 40 day fast, on the previous 2 forty day fast I did not tell you how to pray, just to pray and stay in My word. On this fast I want you to pray for the people and for the nation as Daniel did. We will see what the people do. If they turn back to me I will remove the evil from their land and I will heal the land. If they do not I will have you speak the word of Judgment on America that I gave you on the second day of the last month of 2009. 52 days you were gone from your home before the Pecan Tree bloomed, during that time you felt my grief. On the 25th day of the sixth month of 2013 your fast will begin, on the 3rd day of the 8th month 52 days from the giving of this word you will end your fast, it is the last warning for a rebellious people in a rebellious nation, thus saith the Lord!!!!
I have been asked if we should call a fast, the only answer I can give is; I know that God has called me to a fast and only God can call you to a fast, that is between you and Him. We are warriors in Gods Army, I would ask that as warriors you join me and pray the way the Holy Spirit leads you to pray. In 1996 the Lord spoke to me and said: “In the last days many of your brothers and sisters will fall down slain on the battlefield, do not step over them and continue the battle, pray for them so that they may rise and continue the battle with you!” As I look at the church today I see that many that once were warriors for God have spiritually died, In the name of Jesus, The Holy One Of Israel I now pray for those that have been spiritually slain and speak life back into them and say Rise up in His Holy Name and continue the battle that He has called you to!!! I call on the Holy Spirit to give them a fresh infilling of the Spirit and a fresh anointing to continue in this day, In Jesus name, Amen!!!
I will pray this prayer for the Nation of America every night and day for forty days.
I have set my face unto You Lord as You have instructed me to do, to seek by prayer and fasting the repentance of a backslidden nation. Father, since Your chosen Nation of Israel became a Nation again as Your word said they would, a black cloud of evil has grown from that day to this in America, beginning at our Nation’s Capital and spreading across the land until now America is covered in darkness. We, as a nation have gone away backwards from You O’Lord. It is now as Jesus said it would be, as we have followed after the sins committed in Sodom and Gomorrah and in Nineveh. It is today as it was in the days of Noah. Father we are guilty of turning from Your Word, and the slaughter of children born and unborn. We are guilty of the sexual sins of homosexuality and lesbianism and bestiality even more today than has ever been known on this earth since You created it. Every form of perversion imaginable has been ours O’Lord, all that You spoke of in Your Word adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings and more. We, as a nation are a wicked people in this generation. Father there are those here that have not done these things, have not turned from You, but we must still bear the blame for as we saw these things begin to happen and even as they grew worse, we as Your children did nothing to stop the sin. We, who knew the truth of Your Word did not raise up a banner, did not declare a standard and cry out against the tide of sin that now overflows America! Father, I know that we are deserving of Your judgment but I am here before You in these days and not I alone for I know that many have joined with me, We are here to repent Lord and ask forgiveness from You O’Lord. Lord God in Heaven we stand before You and confess our sins in America and ask for Your forgiveness, we ask Father that once more the Spirit move upon the land and touch upon a people who have backslidden and move on them to repent and return from their sin. Father Your Word said that in the last days the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
Father, it is not You who have turned from Your children, You have kept Your covenant and have shown mercy on those who love You and keep Your commandments. It is Your children that have turned from You and not kept the commandments, it is your children that have rebelled and been stubborn in their attempt to pervert Your Word into a word that condones all of their sins. Children that have blasphemed Your Holy Name by declaring that they in their sin are in Your will, and rewritten Thy Holy Word to justify their sin. When You sent your servants to them they still yet did not repent of their evil. O’Lord, how we have sinned against thee, and caused You deep grief such as no man can know. You Father are the creator of all things, in Your hand it is to judge, You and only You have the power to show mercy and forgiveness as we have sinned against You. You Lord have sent many judgments upon us as You attempted to get our attention and cause us to turn from our evil and wickedness. We have witnessed Your judgments of storms and fires and drought and floods, and earthquakes and even evil leaders who are not of You, yet we turn not from our evil. You O’Lord caused our forefathers to be victorious in the oppression that came from across the globe. You blessed us with a land filled with milk and honey and all manner of good things, over the years You have caused us to be a mighty nation, yet we have turned from You. Therefore have Your eyes travelled to and fro searching the land and in Thy sight everywhere sin abounds, the stench of which I am sure is so great that it over flows even You O’Lord in Heaven. Even so I beseech Thee O’Lord to hear my supplications and the cry of repentance of Thy servant and those who are in agreement with me, and repent of Thy judgments O’Lord and cause Thy backslidden children to hear Thy voice and repent of their wickedness, and turn back to You, so that the evil will be removed from our land and the curse of wickedness be broken so that You might heal America. In the name of Jesus I pray!!!


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